***Attention DALLAS LOCALS & Remote***
Join Our 21 Day Challenge Today!
Get Strong, Feel Confident and Look Your Best!
  • 21 Day Unlimited Sessions - Attend as many sessions as you'd like in 21 days.
  • 21 Day Meal Planner, Recipe Book and Grocery Lists
  • 21 Day Workout Guide and Ab Workouts
  •  21 Day Stretching Guide
  •  And Much More!
Join The Hybrid 21 Day Evolution Program For $21!
We are getting Dallas's Locals for Unlimited in house Classes & and also including our Online LIVE follow along at-home workout for the first time!!
21 Days of Unlimited In house Class
we have over 6 classes to pick from, Mornings / Mid Day /Afternoon
At-Home virtual workouts 
3 Days a week we host LIVE Virtual follow At-Home workouts
Workout Program
You'll get Access to HIIT45 Classes here at Evofit. No worries if you miss a workout or can't make a class, we have a fully designed Personal training program for you to follow at your local gym and still get killer results!
Abs Workout
Thats Right we all love abs! We have a On-The-Go at home Abs workout program to do, so when Spring & summer roll around you got those sexy abs to show case!
Meal Plans
My ‘Wow That Actually Is Simple & Delicious’, Personalized Meal Plan To Make Easy, Tasty Meals Right At Home (No guesswork or slaving in the kitchen)
Grocery Lists
The ‘It’s Actually Cheaper AND Easier’ Personal Grocery List That Gives You All The Foods You Need, Right From Your Local Grocery Store
Fat Burning Recipes
 ‘Woah That’s Simple’, Done-For-You Recipes To Follow For The 21 Days So You Never Have To Wonder What You’ll Be Making For Dinner!
Stretching Guide
Easy to follow Stretching guide to help prevent soreness and increase results and daily energy. THIS IS HUGE, we have a full follow along guide with pictures to be able to stretch and get the best results in the you own gym or even home. 
Dietary Fat Guide
Eat the right fats and still build muscle that burns fat off  
Meal Cheating Guide
Make your friends Jealous Guide to have cheat meals and still stay on track to achieving your dream body
Portion Control
Never wonder what to eat or how much to eat. 
- Access to our 🌐 Exclusive World Class Online Support Group with 7 days a Week/24 Hours a day Accountability!

Here Is More Information On The Online Portion of the Program

We Are Only Accepting 20 APPLICANTS!
Simple...we are the place people go to transform their body.
Our programs are specifically target to help you burn fat, get stronger and become more confident. When you start training here, you won't want to leave. 

We strive to be the third place in your life. Your Home. Your Work. Your Gym. 
What sets us apart from other gyms is that your progress is measurable. You will you see changes in how your clothes fit and see the scale move! Don't be surprised if you do things in here you never though you'd be able to do before! 
What's the point of transforming your body if you can't have fun and enjoy yourself?! We work our butts off here and chances are you'll get more work done in an hour here than anywhere else. But we also want you to have fun and become a Rock Star in the process!
We know you'll have questions when you are here...from nutrition, to training, to everything in between. That's totally cool with us and we are with you every step of the way. Our life's mission is to help you so anything you need...ask away. 
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